Automated Customer Service

Specialized Software

Omnichannel AI solution focused on customer service

chatbot para empresas
*Omnichannel: use of multiple digital channels to create the same user experience.

Agent bot

Automated chatbot that dialogues with your customers organically and naturally on any messaging channel using artificial intelligence (AI).


Real-time omnichannel chat in which the agent bot can refer to a human agent to provide the customer with more information or another type of treatment.


Knowledge base with search engine that facilitates access to information.


Automatic attention in the telephone channel for customer service, resolves queries instantly.

chatbot para empresas
chatbot para empresas

Specialized bots

Configurable chatbots in different languages, which learn to interact with customers naturally using AI. This tool has the ability to make the user feel comfortable with the customer service they receive, since it solves and understands their needs in real time, always having the right answer. The conversation is fluid, uses everyday dialogues and learns new forms of expression. Similarly, the personality of the bot can be configured according to the tone of communication of the company. We have the alliance of partners of the best conversational chatbot company in Latin America.


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