Cyber security technology

electronic security equipment

Smartphone equipment with the best mobile cybersecurity solution

Application security

Custom Operating System for all high-end devices. Advanced access control and activity management.

Anomaly detection

Detection and mitigation of physical and device network anomalies in real time.

Privacy application

Secure data exchange with calls and private messages. Encrypted chat and protected calls.

Security alert

Security alert system with report of incidents and activities.

Risk monitoring

Real-time risk level monitoring. Visibility and centralized control of security policies.

Cyber security guarantee

Protection against hackers and corporate espionage. Files exchange protection from device core.

Today, cyber attacks and hacks are more frequent, so companies take protective measures to avoid large losses. We have solutions capable of preventing these risks and satisfying the most demanding customer needs.

Risk prevention tools: High-end protection to distinguish cybercriminals from clients on the different platforms of the entities in real time. Our tools protect against payment fraud, through the analysis of the device and all the context behind it. Observing the device, locations, movements and the digital identity of the device to detect suspicious and risky behavior.

Military level mobile protection tool: La comunicación hoy en día puede ser interceptada por lo que es importante contar con aplicaciones que brinden una protección de 360°. Protege tus chats, claves, archivos, etc.


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